‘Peddling and Hawking’ for all ages at Byron’s latest market


The culturally creative team at Kulchajam have reignited the Peddle and Hawk Acacia St markets, which are returning with the closure of Acacia St in Byron’s Arts and Industry Estate on Easter Saturday.

The Kulchajam team are inviting the community to  start ‘peddling and hawking’ in a retro future street market.

“We were inspired by Asian street markets where everyone has something to peddle or hawk. Our first event saw kids as young as five selling their wares alongside established fashonitas and artisans,” says Kulchajam creative director Techa Beaumont.  “‘Peddle and Hawk’ brings together the diversity of the region, from artists, fashionistas and jewellery makers to hilltop gardeners, vintage collectors and upcycled arts. Expect everything from children selling ginger bread cookies to high end artisans and exotic street foods.”

The market closes a section of Acacia St in collaboration with surrounding businesses that range from performing arts and yoga studios to functional art galleries, fashion and jewellery, composting, upcycling and organics.

The day provides opportunities for all creatives and entrepreneurs. Stalls range from small suitcase and blanket stalls to marquees in and around local businesses and on the road verges.

A full program from 9am-3pm includes music, yoga, street foods, workshops and presentations from marketeers and participating galleries and studios.  Says Techa: “Games and installations and circus toys replace traffic on the road, making  this an interactive and dynamic event that enlivens and reclaims our public spaces.”

A range of participating businesses including the Lume Functional Art Gallery, Heartspace, Jing Organics, the Candle Library, Stay at Home Gypsy, the Juggle Hut and more.


For more information visit kulchajam.org/peddleandhawk
ph 0402 494 573



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