Think of a verandah you’ve known – somewhere in the country, wrapped around an old house, with huge trees nearby and the sound of birdlife all around.  Or perhaps your verandah looks over a beach – it’s an old shack, with net curtains and the sound of the surf in the background. Imagine a modern verandah, white wood and metal rails, clean and spare, nestled into a hilly landscape.  What’s on your verandah – a hammock?  Tables and chairs?  A beautiful meal for family and friends?  Or just you, a meditation moment and your morning coffee.  Whatever, and wherever your verandah is, that’s what OUR Verandah is about.  We cover culture and lifestyle in the Northern Rivers and the Gold Coast – two areas where verandahs abound – and we hope to provide you, the reader, with content to inform, entertain and excite you.  Whether you are coming into our beautiful area, or traveling out of it, you will find information on plenty of things to do and see – and what better place to read us than on the Verandah?