Getting better with age – International Day of Older Persons


If you think that there’s not much to celebrate about getting older, think again! October 1st is gazetted by the United Nations as the International Day of Older Persons, and a new event in Ballina, held by the Joy of Ageing, presents the positives of getting older – and wiser, writes Bernadette Curtin.

This day of celebration is an opportunity to acknowledge the lived wisdom of the elders in our community and ­their contribution to society. Our elders have much to teach us through their ability to observe life and to understand that life is constantly offering new opportunities to learn and grow.

We live in a society that cultivates and values youth over age. We are bombarded with images that celebrate the young body and the youthful face. We are offered an abundance of anti-ageing products, Botox and fillers to fight off the signs of age and make us look and ‘feel’ younger. We are exhorted to go to the gym to keep our bodies fit and taut.

All this to keep up the appearance of youth on the outside, but are we ever offered anything for our inner selves? In honour of this day a group of elders based in the Northern Rivers known together as The Joy of Ageing Esoterically* are hosting an event in Ballina to join in the celebrations along with the rest of the world. This event invites us to explore ageing from a different perspective.


Is there another way to age rather than the commonly accepted picture our western society currently holds about what it is to age and how the aged are treated? Perhaps it is time we changed the way we view ageing and altered the labels we have created that identify the concept of getting older in most societies.

The day will be host to a variety of presenters who bring a wealth of experience in their respective fields of medicine, nutrition, exercise, aged care and healing. In practical and playful ways, they will inspire us to appreciate and value our unique qualities and reignite our love for life.

Topics for discussion include: Where’s the fun in Ageing, Self-care and Loving your Ageing Body, Nutrition as we Age, How to Live Joyfully to our last Breath and more.

“There is a quality and vitality we can bring to our later years by deepening our relationship with ourselves, appreciating what we have to offer, and taking care of our bodies with good nutrition and gentle exercise. This is a time to deeply care for ourselves and listen to what our bodies truly need. We can stay active and engaged in the community while at the same time being realistic and honouring of the limitations of the body as we age” – Judy Felix, (Counsellor and Educator, age 72)



The Joy of Ageing Esoterically* group invites people of all ages and their families to join them on Monday 1st October 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Richmond Room, 11 Regatta Avenue, Ballina, NSW 2478. Cost of ticket $10.00

For further information and to book your place please contact 0403 517 914 or visit:*

The word ‘Esoteric’ means innermost. Living esoterically is about you living the real, whole and true you.



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