The Magic of a Master Healer – Kenji Kumara brings Quantum Lightweaving to Australia


When Kenji Kumara, the creator of Quantum Lightweaving, comes to Australia next month for his first Australian retreat, participants can expect to experience the magic of a master healer, writes Candida Baker.

The first thing that strikes me about healer Kenji Kumara, is how lightly the healing mantle sits on him. Here is man with over 48 years experience in the human potential movement, with degrees in education and psychology, who has studied with some of the leading visionaries of our time, but it turns out his favourite morning activity is to read the sports pages of his local newspaper with a cup of coffee. Not only that, but he skips breakfast and sleeps in as late as he can on some days.

“I only get up really early when I need to,” he tells me. “I need my rest for the work I do, so I ease my way into my working day.” At the moment, the 72-year-old Japanese American, who was born and raised in Berkeley, California, is living in Sedona – a place renowned for its healing energy. “I’ve realised that the work I do is my social life. I get a lot out of teaching, and really, the world doesn’t have that much to offer me,” he says.

It’s his Quantum Lightweaving that Kenji is passionate about.  He will be hosting a five-day residential retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa (near Uki) from September 19-23rd.  For more details go to:

Through his decades of healing work he’s created a quantum level transformational system that produces quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions – his ‘quantum light weaving’. He says that ‘anybody’ can learn his work, and that his teachings are geared towards leaders and teachers who are ready for their next step in quantum consciousness.


Kenji Kumara is giving a one-off five-day residential retreat at the beautiful Gymea Resort near Uki.

Kenji is in private practice and is a contemporary energy medicine specialist (CAM), metaphysical technician, trans-dimensional visionary and inspirational teaching channel for ascended energies.

One of Kenji’s great attributes is his humour, and he easily mixes the mundane with the magical, talking about the difficulty of squishing into plane seats in the same sentence as he talks about channelling ascended master energies. For Kenji, it is all life – and ultimately, all love – for him, dedicated as he to his truthful path in life, connecting to the Christos energy he lives and works with.

He’s excited to come to Australia next month, where he will be teaching and giving workshops, feeling that he’s had a connection with the land through some past lives before. “I’ve got no doubt that I’ve had a connection to Indigenous Australians and also to the landscape,” he says. “I’ve often felt it calling to me.”

In a way, his journey here came about because of a bit of ‘lightweaving’ – he mentioned to an Australian member on a call that he’d love to come here and Vanessa, who comes from a banking and corporate background, decided that she’d like to try and organize Kenji’s first visit to Australia.

One of the many interesting aspects of Kenji’s teachings is grasping the idea that anything we plan on the earthly plane, has, in fact already happened on what he calls the ‘interplanes’. “What I’ve learned is that everything is happening simultaneously,” he says. “If you think of something, it’s in fact already happened. For me, the important thing is to hold the space for people to come away being much more illuminated in all aspects of their being, and to recognise the illusions and false perceptions they’ve been operating under.”

A Kenji meditation often starts with a ‘no hold bars’ statement. Despite a huge amount of compassion and empathy for people’s ‘problems’, he believes that all of us, no matter what is going on for us, can leave it behind in order to connect with the divine. “I don’t care if you’re going through a terrible divorce, if you’ve become bankrupt, or even if you have a terrible illness,” he says, “leave it behind. Connect with who you truly are. Align with the field of oneness is a way that is reflection of your spirit, and you will shift from separation to unity consciousness, that’s for sure.”

Kenji on top of Bell Rock, in Sedona, 2015.

Kenji on top of Bell Rock, in Sedona, 2015.

And when he talks of leaving difficulties behind, he’s known a few. “I understand the kind of thing people can go through,” he says. “I’ve had a number of near death experiences in my life, and once I was homeless for six months. I’ve had periods where I’ve had heavy credit card debt, and at one point I went bankrupt which was a low point. There are some teachers – and I can say this from direct experience – who are remarkably short on empathy, but talking from your intellect is not a way to help people. When you teach from experience it’s much more powerful, it’s like AA, the most powerful way to help an alcoholic is to be a fully-recovered alcoholic, because they truly understand what it feels like.”

It was his own self-healing that kept him going during the tough times. “I just kept on with my spiritual and energetic activations,” he says. “I love doing these activations – they blow me away. They’re just in my bones, so for me personally I don’t notice it so much but the people receiving them are just over the moon about them, and the healing they experience is miraculous.”

I tell Kenji I can personally attest to that – some years ago I was listening to one of his replays, where he did an activation. I had a sore ankle at the time – and during the activations I felt this incredible light and warmth go into it, and the pain completely disappeared. I was amazed that it could still work on a replay of a show thousands of miles away from me.

Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Spa.

Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Spa near Uki, northern New South Wales.

“It’s extraordinary to me too, and yet in a way it’s ordinary because it’s just what happens,” he says, mildly. “I’ve just learned to accept that it works. When I run workshops I tell people that by the end of the first day they’ll be able to receive a light ‘wave’. A lot of students don’t believe me, and they’ll tell me that. But I just have the knowing that people will get it, and can do it – and honestly some of my students can do it better than I can. Anybody on any level of evolution can do this – everybody can feel. Not everybody can be clairaudient or clairvoyant, but everybody can feel. I had a student who had brain damage as the result of an accident, and she was attempting to heal herself. Something shifted every day during the training – she described it that it felt as if something was popping open and releasing in her brain. There’s no limit to this energy.”

During the five-day retreat at Gymea, near Uki in northern New South Wales, Kenji will be helping people to experience the enlightenment of who they really are, through group session activations and teaching. “I see part of my work to be taking people from where they are to where they want to be,” he says.

Part of Kenji’s work is helping people clear past blockages. For him, as he went more deeply into healing work, he realised that a lot of his natural ebulliance and humour had been suppressed because he was often unwell as a child.

“When I was five, I was playing across the road from our house – my mom called me back, and a car doing 35 miles per hour hit me,” he tells me. “The paramedics told my mother that I should have died, but I ended up with concussion and a broken arm and leg. I was in a coma for a while, and I believe I was with my Council deciding whether to leave or stay. As you can see, I chose to stay, but even without that I wasn’t well as a child, I was raised on health food but I was always sickly! When I was ten I had a very high fever – almost 105 degrees – and that started a bout of fever nightmares where I would be in deep space, in a vortex, and I would hear a roar of the universe’s energy. I felt like I was being sucked into a bottomless pit in this vortex, and I would sense that if I let go, I would go down into the vortex and explode into a million pieces and Be the Universe. I would pray to God, please don’t let me die, and I would wake up immediately. I had that experience six times and every time it was the same. But I think I was being prepared so that I would understand this energy.”

Understanding the energy of source.

Understanding the energy of source.

Kenji believes it was his father’s mother, who was Japanese, who was carrying the healing torch, and that she understood he’d inherited the gift of healing. “My grandmother – my father’s mother – didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak Japanese. She was the spiritual leader of the local Methodist church. They kept it a secret from me – which I’ve never understood. She used to say that she got up at 4.00am every day to pray for everybody, and I would wonder why. She did hands on healing, and healing through prayer. She was also a marvellous cook. I loved to eat what she cooked.”

Even as a young child Kenji was interested in the philosophic notion of who we are. “I remember when I was five I asked my mother, “Who am I?” and she replied, “You’re Japanese!” And of course, that’s not what I was asking, I was asking from a completely different level so I walked away realising that my parents weren’t going to be able to help me with this question. I had to find out the answer for myself.”

Over the years of listening to Kenji, I’ve learned to accept his extraordinary gift for channelling as a given. When Archangels, or Jesus (Yeshua) or Mother Mary, or any ascended master comes through him, the messages are so loving, so profound that there is an instantaneous feeling of relief from the existential anxiety of the human condition.


Kenji still remembers vividly the first time he had a vision of Yeshua. “I took T. Harv Eckhart’s course, Train the Trainer, we did this small group exercise, and I had this “vision” of Yeshua coming towards me with a torch,” he says. “He was saying to me, or I was feeling he was saying, ‘I’m passing the light onto you’. I found I was crying, I was just absolutely stunned by the depths of the feeling sweeping through me. This experience had nothing to do with the exercise we were doing. Now he comes through so much in the work, I tell people – he’s here – and it’s just second nature to work with him. I was studying magnetic work in 1997 and suddenly I felt Mother Mary behind me, she walked into my body from behind and merged with me. A most awesome experience. I’m sure I’ve had other energetic experiences with archangels and ascended masters, and I guess in a way I’m a catalyst in the sense that I seem to be able to initiate energies. I know when that happens people are affected by the work – they move into joy or bliss and others become angry or feel pain in their bodies – I call it moving pain syndrome because it’s as if they need to let the in, and move through them, and truly feel it in order for it to go.

But Kenji is adamant that whilst he might have been practicing his ‘art’ for some decades, where this energy comes from is available to all of us. “The healing energy comes from Prime Source, and all I do is embody it,” he says. “In fact ‘do’ is not the right word – you don’t have to ‘do’ anything! You just have to be open to what Yeshua taught. He put his hands on people to heal. All you need is an open mind.”

His open mind has seen him embrace becoming a clear channel for teachings. “I don’t filter, or pre-order what I say – I just know that it tunes into the flow.”

Kenji is an example to all of us to keep going no matter what, because despite his passion for what he does, there have been many times where he was close to the edge. It was a chance phone call that turned his practice around, and he is grateful for it even today. “Things turned around for me because a friend of Sheila Gayle’s had sent Sheila one of my old newsletters and she was guided to check out my website,” he says. “She got a feeling about it and decided to call me one Saturday morning. She asked me on to her show, and suddenly thousands of people listened to me. She told me after she never calls people she doesn’t know out of the blue, but she trusted her guidance and did it. I had to scramble to put together a program and products in about two weeks. We did it and I went on her show, and from there everything shifted. I literally got saved – I was only three or four months from having to be homeless. I had huge credit card debt, and I’d had to give up my car, so I had to get a ride or walk everywhere. I was living in Seattle then, and I would walk to do most of my stuff, in the dreary weather Seattle manages to put on most days. I felt like a little old bag man, pushing my cart around. Sheila was like a divine messenger. Plus she got me on all these other shows, and now I’m in a position where I’m so busy I have to decline gracefully.”

I wonder if as small children, we are more connected to source, than as we get older, and doubts and insecurities get in the way of us trusting that life will be ok. Kenji is in no doubt as to why humans find connecting to source far more difficult than it ought to be: “It’s because this energy is Love, and Love can get complicated for humans, particularly as we ‘grow up’, but once we tap back into the pure Love of the universe, everything is simplified again! Our inner child can be terribly conflicted and it can believe it’s protecting us, when actually it’s keeping us in a space where we can’t move forwards. I always tell people, we’re not here to heal your Soul because that doesn’t need healing – we’re here to help you heal your ego and your inner child. We need to do this to discover and fully live our purpose. We can educate our intellect so it can rise up to the level of the soul vibration.”


Kenji will lead Quantum Activation Events as an introduction to Quantum Lightweaving (R) from 5 to 13 September at various Melbourne locations and will make available Personal Empowerment Sessions to the public throughout his time in Australia. Details and bookings available at or phone Vanessa on 0432 272 443.
Kenji Kumara will be hosting a five-day residential retreat at Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa (near Uki) from September 19-23rd. For more details go to:







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