Buddha’s Birthday, workshops and Crystal Castle Villas…


It’s all happening at the Crystal Castle over the next month or so.  This weekend sees the celebration of Buddha’s birthday; then on June 8, 9 and 10 experience some life-changing workshops, PLUS the Crystal Castle is spreading its wings with the amazing new Crystal Villa – in Bali…


Atma Rahasya – Secret of the Soul Creator, Dhyan Vimal researched the Atma Rahasya or Secret of the Soul formula for over 12 years before this course was birthed. The formula is designed to assist you to see your authentic self, free from all conditioning. It reveals your true nature, along with your highest potential.

Join our senior facilitator Navin for a journey of inner exploration into our true identity. During this workshop you will be guided to examine the frames you’ve used to identify and recognise yourself, using contemplative exercises, and lectures to uncover your personal formula and meditation.

Only 11 places available.

Join us on June 9th and 10th from 9am – 6pm

Lunch included

Cost: $500.00

Atma Rahasya

Dhyan Vimal researched the Atma Rahasya or Secret of the Soul formula for over 12 years before this course was created.


The 12 Body Archetypes workshop is a powerful exploration into the evolutionary journey of our bodies: the outer body being a container and the inner body being the content. It is the discovery of the synthesis between both bodies, that allows the individual to embody and live their highest possibility.

In this one day workshop a senior facilitator expounds on the body archetypes and works with you to identify your own inner and outer body. The workshop ends with practical insights and do´s and don’ts for the body types so that you can live the inherent rightness of your body.

Just 10 places for this intimate workshop. Join us on June 8th from 9am – 6pm

Lunch included

Cost: $300.00

For more information go to: https://www.crystalcastle.com.au/events/atma-rahasya/


Deep in the heart of Bali, lies a new secret sanctuary of peace and nourishment…

The Crystal Castle are offering the first ever Wellbeing and Spa Retreat hosted at Crystal Villas. This is a unique opportunity to be 1 of 14 guests enjoying a week of luxurious nurturing and relaxation in Bali.

The special magic and beauty of the Crystal Castle has been brought here, only 10 minutes from Ubud.

Adorned with magnificent, natural crystals from around the world, this is a beautiful space where you can eat, sleep, swim, read, have nourishing massages, and experience the magic of Crystal Villas…

Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

When: 23rd-30th June 2018

For more information go to: https://mailchi.mp/crystalcastle/ready-for-a-week-in-paradise-at-crystal-villas



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