Hop on our own energy retailer train – Enova Community Energy has raised closed to three million


Alison Crook AO, Chair of Enova Community Energy Ltd, announced this week that the Enova Energy’s Share Offer will be extended until 5.00pm (AEST) 17th December, and it’s almost over the line…

Ahead of Paris and COP21, as the world prepares and hopes for major decisions to put us on course to secure and stable, climate safe growth, Enova Energy, a community-owned start up in renewable energy in the Northern Rivers, NSW is leading the way in Australia for a new retail energy business model having raised capital close to $3 million.

“The community is taking action and is putting their support behind Enova Energy,” said Crook. “We are thrilled with the huge surge of support in share applications this week. Because of the last minute payment processing required to assess how much capital has been raised, we would be required by ASIC to extend our Offer until next week. As we believe we have commitments of very close to our minimum target of $3 million, and our existing Prospectus is valid until 17 Dec, we have decided to maximise the full amount of time permitted by ASIC to raise as much capital as possible to give Enova the best foundation for success,” said Crook.

“The community is really coming in behind this, so I urge anyone who wants to be part of this historic initiative to apply for shares now, as we raise the final capital,” she said. “There are many people to thank, who beyond applying for shares, have offered their valuable time and resources, including financial support, to get us this far. We really feel like the community-owned company we are striving to be, and we look forward to continued support to ensure Enova is operational by early 2016.”


To apply for shares or more information, download Prospectus from www.enovaenergy.com.au .



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