Everything Lismore in one new App


An innovative new player has entered the Northern Rivers media landscape with the launch this week of the Lismore App.

Co-founder Simon Mumford describes the smartphone app as “everything Lismore – people use their smartphone severy day and we are connected to each other more than ever before, so we wanted to design a business where all your local information can be viewed by pushing one push of the button on your mobile phone,” Mumford says. “What we’ve created is something unique and specific to the Lismore region, something easy to use and  absolutely free.”

Lismore - nestled in the valley  in the early morning sun.

Lismore – nestled in the valley in the early morning sun.

Digital content editor and journalist Will Jackson says the app would be a one-stop shop for local news and sport, things to do and events, community contacts, trades and classifieds. Jackson says a big focus of the app would be keeping users informed of what was happening in the community with news articles published throughout the day specifically for the people who live and work in the Lismore local government area. The news agenda of the Lismore App would be a mix of council, crime, entertainment, social issues, sport and whatever other quirky interesting stories people wanted to share with the community.
“I definitely believe in reporting what’s in the public interest, not just what’s interesting to the public. Lismore is such a diverse community, and being fair to all sides is important,” he says. “My approach buy viagra with paypal is to celebrate what’s good in the community, expose what’s not so good and document what’s important.  Most importantly  the app will be an entertaining read.”
The Lismore App is the first foray into this unique model by the NSW Local App Company which hopes to eventually launch apps for communities around the region.

Lismore Lantern Parade - one of Lismore's favourite events.

Lismore Lantern Parade – one of Lismore’s favourite events.

“The Australian media is going through what they call a period of ‘disruption’ at the moment – the old business models no longer works,” said the app’s advertising and marketing manager Mark Colegate. “We’re hoping that with a fresh, innovative approach on a platform that the people of Lismore use every day, the local app model can actually be financially sustainable. An important element of the Lismore App is that we offer display, trade and classified rates at very affordable rates compared to traditional media. We have kept our business costs very low so now any business can afford to advertise which, with high usage, will increase their profitability leading to more jobs being generated in the Lismore region.”


The Lismore App is available to download on Android from the Google Play app store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.p1792HI
iPhone support is to come at a later date.
You can also ‘like’ the app’s Facebook page at facebook.com/lismoreapp <https://facebook.com/lismoreapp> .



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