One two three: let’s concatenate…

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OMG – It’s a WOW – as in ‘Word of the Week’ – a brand new idea supplied to us by the wonderfully creative mob at Aum PR.  They’re coming up with an unusual word every week, for those logophiles amongst us.  This week’s word resonates with the Byron Spirit Festival: which is on this weekend (March 20-22).
If you think you can give us a word AUM might like to choose for their Word of the Week, then give it a go – they’re up to ‘G’.  Best monthly WOW wins a beautiful handmade, recycled, soywax candle from Samson & Bronc.  Check them out here:
We are proud to be in the AUM network and if you want to find out more about what AUM can provide for you and your business go to: or go to their social media:

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