Lucy Longlegs discovers that pythons rule – ok


Our political potter ponders the never-ending inter-connection in the animal kingdom.

Give us this day our daily flower photo – this beautiful orchid is attached to the orange tree next to the verandah.

I had two encounters with pythons over the past few days.

One was curled up at the edge of the road as I was off to meet friends at the Mullumbimby farmers’ market. I turned the car around to shoo it off. It didn’t move so I picked it up and saw that it had a little blood on its mouth but otherwise it was very active. I pushed it into a shopping bag and took it to the side and it gripped my arm tightly as I unloaded it, hoping that it will recover from its injury.

When I returned home a couple of hours later, Jo told me that there had been a big kerfuffle in the veggie garden.

Lucy Longlegs, our brush turkey Bruce’s new girlfriend, had broken the rules and entered the enclosed veggie garden. She then fluttered up into the overhanging mulberry in a big flurry. Jo went to investigate and saw a large python curled up exactly where Lucy had been scratching up mulch.

I went to have a look with Jo and replace all the mulch and there was the python stretched along the fence.

I’ll warrant that Lucy won’t go back in there. The others never do.

Peace now reigns (for the moment).



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