Talking, and listening to animals


Awakening Aurora’s Beate Sommer writes about how clearly horses will communicate with us – if only we’ll listen.

The very first time I heard a horse speak to me she said: “You know, I like being groomed really gently, especially my mane!” In a moment of stillness I heard my Quarterhorse mare Ginger gently yet clearly. One might say I had been listening with my heart and this is true, however I actually heard her say these exact words, in plain English.

My youngest daughter has taken to saying; “Yes mum, we know! You can talk to the animals!” with THAT tone in her voice and look on her face. These days I simply reply: “Yes darling, I can” and leave it at that. I am neither embarrassed any longer nor do I need to convince anyone. It is a quiet affair between the animals and me and it involves a lot of listening on my part.

I have also had messages from the animals visually. Once I saw a brightly lit neon sign in front of my mind’s eye with a sentence on it. This is a beautiful story and I’d like to tell it:

I had brought on a young Anglo-Arabian gelding named Pablo. Originally for my daughter, he had come to us at the age of one and a half but by the time he was four my daughter had done her HSC, given up riding and moved away to study.

Pablo was an endearing horse but he suffered the most heartbreaking case of separation anxiety I had ever come across. It took all my patience, skill, love and the Herd’s expertise to settle him and bring out his brave and adventurous nature. He had become a solid, although a bit cheeky member of The Herd, had no more issues being separated from the other horses and made his way into everyone’s heart.

Yet I found I could not give him the time he needed under saddle as a Youngster and also felt he was the type of horse who wanted that one human who fussed over him and had him as her/his only horse. With a heavy heart I advertised him and prayed for a kind and knowledgeable new owner. She turned up eventually, fell in love with Pablo and bought him. They are doing very well together!

In the week after Pablo had left I noticed that my gelding Buffalo’s behavior was a bit odd. I even called him grumpy. He would put his ears flat back, make threatening gestures with his hind legs and harass the other horses. He looked generally out of sorts.

One day during this week, while I was giving a Reiki session to a woman lying on the massage table in the yard – with the horses present who frequently step up to the table and work on clients as well and/or gather around to hold space- I had my eyes closed and her head was gently resting in my hands, when suddenly I had a vision of a Golden Palomino stepping towards me and this neon sign popped up above his head with bright red letters flashing “We are still grieving the loss of Pablo.” I had startled, opened my eyes and there was Buffalo, my golden Palomino gelding, directly looking at me from across the yard with a focused intensity which left no room for second-guessing.

He wasn’t grumpy! He was sad and needed to grieve!

That afternoon I got the horses a Bush Flower Essence for letting go and grieving, rang Pablo’s new owner to assure myself they were doing well and then went out into the paddock to converse with The Herd. I put drops of the Bush Flower Essence on the palm of my hand and offered them to each horse. They all lapped them up eagerly.

The following day, Buffalo was much calmer and I got the distinct impression that all the horses had been through an energetic shift.

We all do miss our little Mr. Pablo though! Here is a picture of him during a different type of interspecies communication…but that’s a story for another day…

Mr. Pablo and Co meet - and greet a koala.

Mr. Pablo and Co meet – and greet a koala.

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