Signs of love from Heaven above

Rainbow lorikeet: Signs to bring us back to present moment

Rainbow lorikeet: Signs to bring us back to present moment

Our resident psychic and medium, Liz Winter, finds that nature often provides a timely reminder that our angels and guides are with us all the time, if we care to look.

A few days ago, as my dog and I walked along my local country road, my shoulders felt heavy with the worries of the world. My gaze followed the ground as my mind searched for solutions to problems in my life. I was feeling like a rat in a maze coming up against walls in every direction I thought of taking.

Suddenly a bright, colourful lorikeet swooped within inches of my nose and as it did, my heart jumped and I broke into an involuntary smile. I suddenly noticed the sunlight touching the tall trees and the scent of Jasmine in the air and instantaneously, I was kissed back to life in the present. To me the lorikeet was a sign, a sign of love from Spirit. It was saying look at the beauty around you, look at where you are right now and I felt deep down, in my quiet space within, that I was not alone.

It led me to think about how we can believe that we are not alone and that Angels, Guides and loved ones that have passed are always around us.

After all, it’s easy to wonder if the feather we saw is really a sign from Spirit or simply, that – a feather, or whether the vivid dream we had was actually sending us a profound message from the other side or did we just eat too much cheese before bed?

It’s normal to question signs from spirit, even as a believer, because it’s where our logic and intuition argue and yet at the same time I believe it’s also natural for human beings to seek to commune and find answers from a higher force.

For me, I know that a sign or an answer is real when I feel it deep down somewhere inside me, and also when I know I have directly asked my Spirit Allies for help. I have faith if I have asked sincerely from my heart an answer will come. The answer may be when I least expect it and in ways I often could not have fathomed.

Then again, sometimes, the answers are so blatant and immediate they are undeniabl. There was a time many years ago as a single mum, when I prayed for help because I was $20 short for my groceries and a kind man waiting in line, paid it for me. I’m sure if you think about it, you have your own stories of special ‘sign’ moments in your life.

Signs are like a big hug of encouragement from Spirit to help navigate your way through life and are a personal and intimate communication between yourself and Spirit. Signs are the glue that binds us to the invisible forces that love and guide us.

We all have our personal Spirit Allies, ready and waiting to serve us. Their reward is the joy in your heart when you feel their love.

My advice is not to be shy with the Spirit World – talk to them, unload on them, ask for signs, they are there to help. Life at times can feel lonely even when we are surrounded by others, but our relationship with the other side can be a unique tonic that is found no where else.

Liz Winter has been a medium and spiritual development teacher for over 25 years.  Liz is a Medium, Reiki Master/Healer, Angel Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Dream Coach and Qualified Counsellor.  To contact Liz go to her website: lizwintermedium

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