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 Business mentor Sonia Friedrich has spent the past four years studying behavioural economics and neuroscience, and now she’s taking what she’s learnt into her coaching business.

“I don’t believe in the old way of marketing any more.” When you publicly say your change – something shifts forever.

The GAME CHANGER: You might have used new methods, proved them, mixed them in with some of the old safety net practices of the past, yet when you actually put voice to a shift that has occurred for you, you can’t go back. It’s a scary place, momentarily, as you stick your neck out. However you’ve felt splintered for a while as the old and new rubbed up against each other and just didn’t quite work.

When you state your change categorically, what happens is you feel absolute relief because you have jumped off the cliff and moved forever. You can never go back. In flight, everything is in alignment.

The old way disappears and you venture out on the new…with or without any followers. However there are usually a few. They are the ones that helped you get over the line yourself.  They are the ones you inspire. They are the ones who want you to succeed. Why? Because they are sick and tired of the treadmill too. Ground hog day is tiring and it’s not working anymore. It’s just keeping everyone busy, safe and for some the reason to stick with it is simply to keep their job.

However the seekers also feel intuitively there must be another way. You, the game changer are showing them, YES! there is.


For the last four years I’ve built models, experimented, piloted, then implemented and shared the application of behaviour economics and neuroscience on marketing and business problems. I’ve become my biggest experiment and now for me it’s become mainstream. I can’t market or solve business problems the old way anymore. Why? Because I don’t believe this is the best starting point for any business – it costs too much of a clients money, takes too long and usually you can’t measure bottom line dollar impact as a direct result of what you are doing. Today we know better. These days we know so much more about human behaviour. Today I know of more than 100 GAME CHANGING ideas in business that I never dreamt of during my traditional marketing career.  What I want is to give you my clients the edge by adding something I know works. Here’s just a few of the changes:


  1. First objective is attitudinal shift v  the only objective is – behaviour change. Remember all that research that shows intention to purchase, yet six months later sales are stagnant or declining? Ask yourself, will this activity or promotion actually change behaviour? IF the answer is “NO”, easy…you don’t do it. Now how many of you will dare to do that? See how many tactics in your marketing and business plan fall away. GAME CHANGER! It’s time to outsmart not outspend the competition. It’s time to change behaviour.
  1. Focus groups observational exploration – real time (I wouldn’t recommend a focus group ever again and I’ve used hundreds of them in my career – check what you have planned in your budget for this year. Might be time to think again and make your research $ actually work for you). GAME CHANGER!
  1. Concept testing out of market split testing in-market (Turns out humans are poor predictors of their own future behaviour. So why would you start with concept testing?I can’t remember how many campaigns I’ve done like this…never again.) GAME CHANGER!
  2. Information heavy understanding of choice overload (Remember all the brochures that talk and talk and talk about our products and how fabulous they are? Well turns out our brain goes into overload very quickly (yours might be going into overload right now!) So why would we still try and communicate with customers like this, when we know it doesn’t work? I see major companies still doing this. There’s thousands of dollars down the drain right there. The core question becomes are you producing the materials because it’s what you’ve always done and the sales rep needs something to show the customers (ie makes you feel better) OR do you truly understand how humans engage with information and create to communicate (actually works)? Most posters and brochures are a waste of your promotional spend because they do not engage the customer. We know what will. Do you? GAME CHANGER!
  1. Single Specific context specific (our brain is hard wired to compare). I’ve seen sales reps meet their monthly targets within two weeks by changing the way products and prices are presented. I’ve seen revenue increase 300% in a month (at no cost, with no extra promotional materials or campaigns) for the same reason – now that’s a GAME CHANGER!
  1. One product one price product and price decoys - these are your secret agents if you understand how to use them. I’ve seen a 40% increase in revenue in one month for a client, at no cost, simply by stating a price decoy – now that’s a GAME CHANGER!

There are so many more.

I can’t justify the spend clients and communications and advertising agencies are wasting in traditional marketing anymore. For me this is lazy marketing. Behavioural economics and neuroscience change the game. Are you on board?

Understanding the brain is your business. Today, be a GAME CHANGER, or do yourself a favour and hire one.


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Sonia Friedrich is a Mentor, Strategic Consultant, Speaker and Author. Her purpose is to empower people in business and in life. She adds insight from behavioural economics (BE) and neuroscience to an extensive marketing and advertising career. 

Sonia has worked with Fortune 500 companies building brands up to $250 million in Australia and New Zealand. She was the General Manager of Grey Healthcare Advertising in Sydney.Sonia lives in Byron Bay. She works with Company Directors, Executive teams and is available for business challenges, training, conference or speaking events. Organise your next conference with Sonia in Byron Bay or she will travel upon arrangement.




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