Equinox New Moon

Phoenix by Boris Indrikov
Phoenix by Boris Indrikov


The New Moon in Libra rises just one day after the equinox, making this one of the most potent lunations of 2014.

You’ll want to set intentions around collaborations, union and partnerships, contemplating where you want to share your life be it business, friendship, artistry or romance.

The NEW MOON @1 LIBRA 56′ is Wednesday, September 24th at 4:14 pm in the Northern Rivers.

Horoscope Tips for the Equinox New Moon

AriesARIES: The New Moon in your house of personal one-to-one relationships, business or pleasure, has a wild, adventurous, breakout feel! You want to go of anything that smacks of ‘toleration’ and getting on with life. Bold, dynamic and ready to roar! Get thee to the adventure!

TaurusTAURUS: Take this super-mojo energy and pour it into your health and well-being. Set new gym goals, start the best ever nutritional program and light a fire under all your beliefs about what you can and can not achieve. Drop the ones that don’t support; exalt the ones that do! Move the body.

Gemini GEMINI: This is all about co-creation, brainstorming, mind-melds and magic Muse conjuring. Also surprise dates with hotties! There is a project at hand that benefits from partnership. All you have to do is reach out. If at first no one steps up, partner with your Muse, your ever present creative spirit who is waiting to be met halfway!

Cancer CANCER: If there is one place to ‘get yourself correct’ this month it is in the home and those you live with. Think external – repairs, Feng Shui, de-clutter, collaborative sanctuary creation mode. Internally – emotional peace and psychological stability with all intimate connections. One supports the other. Get to it!

Leo LEO: Your New Moon is in the house of communications, supporting rash and honest ‘clearing of the air’ statements. This gets you and all your relationships on track, up to date and free of constraint. No more hedging the difficult ‘issues’. Let it out. Purge. Connect! Writing or speaking collaboration rocks.

VirgoVIRGO: This New Moon is all about developing talents and resources that excite you the most. No going it alone! There is someone out there who is ready to collaborate, supporting your in your creative genius. Connect with two goals in mind – creative self-expression and financial abundance. Win-win.

Libra LIBRA: This is your personal New Moon and with it comes the creation of balance between what you experience as Self and what you perceive as Other. No more all or nothing when it comes to partnerships and unions. Your primary relationship is with you. Nurture that AND explore. Amp up self love.

Scorpio SCORPIO: This is you ‘shadow’ New Moon, a time where you chill, meditate, immerse in beauty and form connections to your inner world. (‘Imaginary’ friends can be most beneficial right now.) Call on your angels, conjure your ‘Deamon‘ and raise your phantom! Explore behind the veil.

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: The ‘friendship’ New Moon is upon you! Get out of any routine, or spiral trajectory, and find, honor and appreciate the bejazza out of your friends. Celebrate the people in your life who vibe like you, understand your quirks and love all the crazy things you do. Connect. Connect. Connect!

Capricorn CAPRICORN: Time to buff up your public identity and connections to the collective. A glorious New Moon of empowerment, potential and ultra-savvy leadership awaits. It’s not about having to be perfect. It’s about having a generous heart, caring about your collective and participating with integrity. Join in.

Aquarius AQUARIUS: You will LOVE this as long as you have enough ‘space’ around you, which is really a state of mind. Let go of all the ‘facts’ and things you know ‘for sure’. It’s time to be blown away by the realm of infinite possibilities. As you travel (metaphoric or real), you gain epiphanies through friends.

pisces PISCES: The New Moon in Libra is an arrow pointing towards intimacy, connection and transformation through love. All you have to do is show up. In your willingness to become more than you already are, surrender to the call of the wild, the unknown, the unknowable. Follow your heart and merge!

Happy Equinox New Moon, everyone! xxxKim

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