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Astro-LOA Flash from the 11th HOUSE BLOG The dark moon is on us, the shadow of the eclipse. You want to ease back on the throttle, rest, reflect and self-repair.

Clear the mind of clutter, and hit the refresh button in the Scorpio sector of your chart, because . . .

. . . the October 24, 2014 solar eclipse in Scorpio is a powerful time to set your focused, edgy, cut-to-the-chase intentions.

You don’t want to saw logs through this one –  ie Heads Up!

This eclipse is within 10 degrees of the November 3, 2013 eclipse, meaning what you were desiring then may be coming into fruition, taking new shape or being scrubbed for an even better plan. Get a bigger perspective. With Venus conjunct as well at 0 Scorpio, there is added attraction, and allure. The desires will not be set aside . . .

If you remember back to October 24, 1995, the Thursday/Friday eclipse is EXACTLY on that degree. One way to leverage this would be to take the knowledge you gained from the experiences of that time and apply it to your life now. Think how much wiser you are.

LA – Thursday – 2:57 pm
NY – Thursday – 5:57 pm
LON – Thursday -10:57 pm
SYD – Friday – 8:57 am

Remember, where we find Scorpio in the horoscope is where we need to experience life in the moment and on the edge. It is where we need to merge our energy with others to create something we could not do on our own. This erotic merging can not transpire until we have severed our umbilical ties with the past, co-dependent relationships. To this end, Scorpio is about the enticement to leave the juvenile ties that keep us dependent so we may form adult-to-adult relationships. Scorpio asks that we leave our familiar ground, be it supportive or destructive, and venture out into the world to re-create ourselves anew.

Sign by sign tips for the Eclipse: Where are you setting your intentions for the next stage of your journey?

Aries ARIES or Aries Rising: The trail blazer in you may want to strike out on your own, but the eclipse is calls for contact, connection, action, and not the superficial kind. If you find yourself in the midst of fights and arguments, rethink your intimate life. Where are you resisting creative engagement with another? Can you set an intention about shared resources? That’s where you hit the jackpot.

Taurus TAURUS or Taurus Rising: The eclipse in your opposite sign of Scorpio places the emphasis right on you personal, one-to-one relationships. This is about commitment to your social connections, business or otherwise. Are you engaging completely and with your whole heart? Sharing? Trusting? Set intentions around experiencing the collaborations of your dreams.

Gemini GEMINI or Gemini Rising: Sometimes Gemini can be so busy and focused in the mind, that the body becomes a vehicle only, perhaps a neglected one. Use this powerful eclipse to connect with your physicality, set into motion a new health, fitness, exercise routine and discover the meaning of holistic awareness. Psyche and Soma. Can you listen to the wisdom of your body?

Cancer CANCER or Cancer Rising: You might have gotten into the habit of pleasing others to such a degree that your own personal creative self-expression has been curbed, or taken a back seat. If so, you’ll want to make an artistic play-date with yourself. Set intentions around honoring your Muse AND collaborating with others, standing your own ground AND sharing, listening, fostering.

Leo LEO or Leo Rising: Much of your intensity is naturally expressed out in the world, in the public performance domain, but this lunar even pulls you into the depths of your Self. Where you crave intensity, strength and transformation is in the roots of your being, private, domestic, introspective. Plumb the depths of your soul, and set intentions on your ideal living situation. Play with this!

Virgo VIRGO or Virgo Rising: The urge for intensity, power and change comes out in conversation and those can get heated, passionate, exciting/volatile. Power struggles demand resolution and this is the perfect time to remind yourself, and others, where you stand: on your own two feet. Use the strength of your words as a creative force to be reckoned with. Set intentions for writing, communication, commerce.

Libra LIBRA or Libra Rising: Intentions set around the authentic expression of your core values and sense of self-worth serve you well on this eclipse, as do honest thoughts of financial abundance. Transformation is afoot and it’s reflected in all the ebb and flow of energy – money, emotions, projects, support. Notice what lights your fire. Are you getting enough of that? Time to set more in motion.

Scorpio SCORPIO or Scorpio rising: Your personal new moon, the eclipse brings any power issue home to roost. You meet contrast face on, warrior stance, ready to engage. Remember, it’s intense connection you want. Check in to how you’re attracting it. Creatively? Destructively? You decide how this goes, but in the moment, appreciate the participation; enjoy the ‘battle’!

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising: As much as you like a cheering crowd, this eclipse is about retreat into the realms of the unconscious, a journey of dreams and inner horizons. Set intentions around self-reflection via meditation, service to others less fortunate, connection with all life. Risk something to make a difference. Ask, “how can I serve?”

Capricorn CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising: Your leadership capability is longing for challenge, growth and the testing of metals. Are you utilizing your talents to the max, or holding back? Engage with the ‘group’, lead the way, push past fears. The realm of one-to-many connection calls. Own your power and set your intentions for bigger goals and desires.

Aquarius AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising: Whatever challenges and potent engagements the solar eclipse brings, they won’t be secret. It’s all happening in the public eye where you are recognized, talked about, scrutinized and reviewed. Put the focus on your social connections, career and mission in life. Redefinition is in order. Ask what you can do for the collective? The inner cosmic social worker comes to life.

pisces PISCES or Pisces Rising: The solar eclipse in your house of new horizons coincides with an intense desire to explore the distant, less travels and unknown. You want to expand and are willing to take risks, engage your power, and try new things to do so. Set intentions to make your life bigger, more meaningful, more aware! Ride this wave to a new shore!

Remember, the eclipse energy can activate 30 days before or 30 days after the event. Think AWARENESS! Eyes open for the gifts (as in, Finding Buried Treasure by Jeannette Maw.)

Feel free to post your experiences, intentions and happenings in the comments.

Happy New Moon Eclipse, everyone! xxxKim

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