Surf’s Up – next weekend it’s Byron’s favourite Festival


The Byron Bay Surf Festival is a calendar staple in the area for local and international talent, focusing as it does on surf culture, innovation and sustainability – and this year it’s no exception.

This year surfer and activist, Dave Rastovich; free diver, Kimi Werner; Victorian surfer, Belinda Baggs and Global Surf Business Unit Director, Jason McCaffrey, will host a range of workshops and short film viewings for the festival’s environment-conscious crowds.

When: Saturday 25th February

From 9am: Fair Trade – a short film, introduced by Belinda Baggs with Q&A post-film Smog of the Sea, a short film on marine pollution, introduced by Kimi Werner with Q&A post-film.

2pm-3pm: Grassroots Activism – hosted by Dave Rastovich. An afternoon spent with leading global and grassroots activists, who will discuss what being an activist means today, and the skills/tools needed to run successful campaigns both big and small.

3:15pm-4:15pm: Re-Imagining the Surf Industry – hosted by Sean Doherty. A panel of surfers and entrepreneurs who will discuss how the industry can better reflect what surfing is all about.

6pm-7:45pm: Sliding Into The Light – a short film on loss, renewal and connection to the sea, introduced by creator and Hawaiian environmentalist/surfer, Chrystal Thornburg-Homcy.

Above: Kimi Werner, left, and Dave Rastovich


Patagonia Yurt, Main Beach Foreshore (films)

Byron Bay Community Centre (workshops)

There will be interview opportunities with all the speakers.

Victorian surfer, Belinda Baggs, will be speaking on her experience in visiting Fair trade certified factories.

Maui-born free diver and shark swimmer, Kimi Werner speaking on marine pollution and the ‘fog’ of microplastics currently permeating the world’s oceans.

Outspoken advocate of marine conservation, Dave Rastovich, on entering an age where social and environmental activism will play an ever more important role in securing people’s freedoms and the protection of wild places.

Global Surf Business Unit Director, Jason McCaffrey, on Patagonia’s mission, surf innovation, and Fair Trade program.

Hawaiian long boarder, ocean athlete and environmentalist, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, on her work with grassroots environmental groups

This year outdoors apparel retailer, Patagonia, founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, has partnered with the festival. Patagonia is an outdoor apparel company based in Ventura, California (and was recently renowned for its 100% donation of its $10million Black Friday sales to environmental groups) this year.




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