New Brighton Farmer’s Market


When local budding photographer Harlie Rapley decided to take her camera down to her local Byron Farmer’s Markets, she snapped these enticing pictures of the markets in the early morning.

“I spent a little time talking to Portia Tresseit who makes all the truffles – she has 21 flavours overall, but just brings nine to the markets,” says Rapley.  “I also liked the photo of the sprouted almond milk, which Portia also sells.  I also chatted to Samanta Espada and Kate Thompson (middle pic, left to right), from Organic Avacados, and it was there that I got the lovely close up of the oranges in the brown paper bags.”

The New Brighton Farmer’s Market is on every Tuesday morning between 8.00-11.00 am, at the New Brighton Oval:



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