Beate Sommer, from Awakening Aurora, runs Equine Facilitated Learning sessions  from her Bangalow property. This month she writes about the importance of emotional connection.

Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, educator and innovator acclaimed for her educational method building on the way children naturally learn, says of learning: “Have the patience to understand my ways,” and “Help me to do it myself.”

Attempting to interact, ride and train with emotional awareness and with an inner and an outer attitude that is not rigid but fluid and alive from moment to moment through attentiveness to yourself and the horse is incredibly rewarding.

Sometimes, exercises might seem “boring”, as one student said, however those very exercises are also attentive, patient, stress-free and sensitive; not through Action but through Being (feeling and being felt in the moments of stillness) and through aware and calm Doing. Sustainable and satisfying success never comes through dominance or by being the Alpha horse. It comes through “Please come with me,” and “Thank you.”

Both horse and rider benefit as a team, plus the person benefits generally in life. Your whole life can change through this way of being and doing with horses.

During an Equine Facilitated Learning Session and during Training your Horse with Emotional Awareness you will learn to:

Feel you.

Feel the horse.

Let the horse feel you.

Feeling leads to Discovering.

Discovering leads to Meeting.

Meeting leads to Connecting.

Take time.

Allow yourself to take time.

Allow the horse to take time.

Recognize yourself in difficult situations. Do you give up? Do you force a solution? Do you cry or do you get angry? What do you do habitually?  Recognize your habitual behavior and choose a new one, a kinder and more creative one.

Be patient with yourself.

Be patient with the horse.

Connect with the horse and help it find the right answer.

Do the same for yourself.

Feel the other person.

Let the other person feel you.

Please visit Beate Maria Sommer’s website at   email her on [email protected] or call her on 0408247965 to book your session.






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