Head, heart, horse and human – an awesome mix

Mutual affection at Aurora Valley

Mutual affection at Aurora Valley Take Time to Smell the Horses.

Psychotherapist, equine facilitated healer and Verandah Magazine columnist Beate Sommer suggests how we could learn some lessons from our equine friends.

What do visitors, retreat guests, working students and clients learn at Aurora Valley Take Time to Smell the Horses?

  • Healthy breathing
  • Awareness of how they function in life and in certain situations, reactive or responsive, defensive or receptive
  • Rediscovery and use of the Three Centers of Intelligence:
  1. Head – thinking, analytical, logical
  2. Heart – feeling, emotions
  3. Gut – sensing, intuition
  • Emotional wellbeing and recognizing emotions as valuable messages instead of judging and dividing them into good and bad
  • Safety and belonging through connection with
  1. self
  2. other
  3. environment and nature
  4. Higher Force, God
  • Being, presence in the moment, being felt and letting in attention
  • Peripheral vision and lateral thinking
  • How to be a sovereign being, how to know yourself and know that Good for one is only good when it is for the Greater Good
Leadership skills build trust.

Leadership skills build trust.

How do the horses help?

  • Energy healing comparable to Reiki, the client may be sitting, standing, moving or lying down on a special healing table, the horses work through physical contact and also from a distance (see photo below)
  • Life coaching while interacting with the herd or a particular horse, the horses are like mirrors reflecting energetic disturbances and blockages which show up in the behavior of the person
  • Deep relaxation of the nervous system through meditation and conscious breathing, through this contact with the person’s own innate wisdom and healing ability
  • Reawakening of the senses through interacting with horses and nature
  • Unconditional acceptance, as horses do not pass judgment
  • Playing and fun


Horses healing

Horses healing: The horses work through physical contact and also from a distance.

What have I learned?

I learned (and continue to learn) all of which I now share with my clients and what I have mentioned above, such as:

Emotional fitness and balance, recognizing and accepting emotions as messengers, head-heart-gut intelligence, patience, trust in the natural unfolding of things, insight into when it is time to step forward and act and when to sit back, wait and let others…

Also, I do not put myself above the animals. I go amongst them with a genuine enquiry as to ‘What wants to happen?’ and ‘What can we learn from each other today?’. Through this a doorway into a new world has opened for me, a world full of awe and wonder, gratitude, joy, connection, love, deep healing and unlimited potential.


Reawaken your senses in nature and with The Herd at AURORA VALLEY. Notice, align and integrate your own innate wisdom. Take time to smell the horses.

Visit Beate Sommer’s website at www.taketime2smellthehorses.com or ring on 0408 247 965.




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