Feeling down? Liz Winter suggests looking up…


When psychic Liz Winter is feeling down, she’s learned that one way to combat the blues is to look up and appreciate nature’s gifts.

Amid the confusion and noise of the passing traffic, I felt a calm presence. My mood was low and I was worrying about various people, places and things. In my internal fog, I walked, my gaze towards the grey cement beneath my feet. Suddenly, I could feel the calm presence urging me to look up.

In front of me I observed the last Fragipani flower resting on a bare grey branch, folorn, and yet somehow strong. Its bleak honesty touched me as I walked by, and it seemed to me it reflected myself, my sense of  ‘aloneness’ in a vast world that demands me – as it does all of us – to perform, to contribute, to give, to ‘be’ something or somebody in contrast to just being.

The exquisite white and yellow flower was a reminder of my own inner beauty and a sign too, of the impending winter. A fresh crisp breeze caressed the air as I contemplated how the Spirit of the Fragapanni tree might be feeling with only one bloom left after a long, hot Mullumbimby Summer.

The first time I hugged a tree, I was sixteen. I remember it clearly. It was a sunny Winter Melbourne day. I was wearing my blue jeans and a long, black hippy coat. Sitting in the picturesque botanical gardens, I was feeling sad and confused about love, as we often are at that age, and quite spontaneously, I hugged a nearby tree.  I whispered to the tree; please help me, please comfort me. Immediately I felt a wave of pure, unadulterated love wash over me and in that special moment there were no words, just a feeling of unspoken compassion and understanding emanating from the tree. It felt so real, I didn’t question it, I just felt grateful. As I walked away, I felt uplifted, reassured and revitalized.

A boy hugs a tree trunk as he prepares to take part in an attempt to create a Guinness World Record for the most number of people hugging trees for two minutes in Kathmandu June 5, 2011. 879 people took part in the event, which was held on World Environment Day to spread the message of saving the environment. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Since then, I’ve been a closet tree hugger and I highly recommend it as a form of therapy!

My recent encounter with the last Fragipanni was a symbol and a reminder that I too can be a light, that there is always beauty to highlight the grey, and that there is contrast for a reason.  Life is a palette of choices and experiences. We are the artists of our lives, creating, dismantling and creating again and again.

I do believe that trees have a spirit, so next time you’re feeling down give a tree a hug, you never know it just might need one too!


Liz Winter is a Medium, Reiki Master/Healer, Angel Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Dream Coach, Qualified Counsellor.  Liz is based in Mullumbimby. lizwintermedium
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