Colours and contours in our shot(s) of the week

We live in an amazingly rich and colourful landscape in the Northern Rivers, and local photographer and writer Irina Tennant just happened to capture two of the area’s most iconic landmarks in the last few weeks.  Says Irina: “I had just been given a new camera and I was eager to try it out, so I went for a long drive. When I got to Lennox Head the light was spectacular on the lake , the reflections on the calm water were superb. I have never seen it as beautiful as that, it was one of those precious moments – a photographer’s dream. I am lucky enough to live in a very beautiful area.”  Of the shot below she says: “I often go for drives with my camera and one of my favourite spots to photograph is Tallow beach from the top near the lighthouse. The best time to go is just before the sun sets, the light and colours are so vibrant, and the waves form beautiful patterns with the different tones in the sand. There are often surfers there and their tiny silhouettes look amazing on this huge beach.”




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