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When Christina Giorgio first started offering workshops for artists, she was convinced that my classes were going to be full of young, funky recent university graduates, but what actually happened took her by surprise.

I was so sure that it would be fresh minds that I could get started right, launching them off into the world with their youthful exuberance and a whole pile more savviness that I had at that point in my career.  And while I found there were certainly a few wonderful young start ups out there, most of my creatives actually fit into another category.

What I’ve discovered is that many of my workshop participants are actually mid-career creatives. They have so much experience behind them, loads of skills and talents, but many of them are at a turning point, where things aren’t always working as great as they used to or could be or they are ready for more.  Many  want to work smarter not harder or have lost touch with that creative passion that kick started it all.

If any of that sounds like you then the following two blogs will give you some food for thought. And, for those who feel like they need to go deeper with custom support, then check out my strategy sessions for established creatives. These are exclusively for individual artists, organisations and business owners who have been operating for some time.

Five tips to help mid career creatives get unstuck, shift gear or continue to bigger and better things.

Four steps to giving your business a birdseye review and unlocking the seeds of growth.

On the news front, Creatives who live in Adelaide, South Australia should check out my Marketing 101 for Creatives that I’m running in partnership with the gorgeous St. Paul’s Creative Centre on Wednesday March 29th. Really nailing your marketing is a big challenge for so many of you out there so this is a chance to fill the kitty with a whole heap of marketing strategies to help you stand out in the arts and make more sales.  Tickets are selling like hotcakes so grab yours here –

Next Wednesday, March 15th is the cut off day to make a call on a July, Bali Creativity Retreat. If you’ve been toying with this idea, there’s no time left to wait. I need to confirm all of the details with our divine guest house and delightful teachers over in Ubud. Check out the retreat here – and press reply if you have any questions or want in for a blissful week of creativity in Bali!

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