Crystal Castle hosts visits by master meditator Jakob Leschly


Meditation – it seems simple and yet somehow quietening the monkey mind can often be downright impossible.  Jakob Leschly is a Buddhist, and has taught meditation for the past 20 years.  Over the next three weekends Leschly will be bringing his gentle wisdom to the Crystal Castle.

As an insider of both Buddhist and modern cultures, Leschly will bring to life the inspiration and warmth of the Buddhist tradition in a series of stand-alone programs,  at the Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens.

In each session, Leschly will unveil the wisdom of Buddhist insights, and how these can be integrated through the practice of meditation in our every day life.

Leschly has studied and practiced Buddhism for over 40 years, and has taught for the last 20. Primarily as a student of the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Buddhist teacher Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, he is a resident teacher for the latter’s Dharma organisation Siddhartha’s Intent in Australia.

Jakob Leschly

Jakob Leschly – teaching at the Crystal Castle

“Everyone recognises and cherishes wisdom, peace and compassion. Yet sometimes it seems that no one actually believes these can be translated into reality. Buddhist meditation challenges such a sense of poverty. Basic goodness is inherent to all sentient life and the objective of the Buddhist path is to actually manifest it. The Buddha taught so that we can claim this natural inheritance, and by doing so, consequently help to dispel the gloom and suffering of the world.” – Jakob Leschly

Leschly is a practitioner of Vajrayana, promoting the simplicity of sitting meditation as the universal ground for natural insight and compassionate action. His language is straightforward and inclusive. He encourages critical enquiry, and delights in the fruitful encounter between East and West.

When:  Saturday 18th February, Saturday 25th February & Saturday 4th March 2017 (Come along to all or just one)
Where: The Peace Room / Crystal Castle
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm
Cost: Included in your entry fee




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