‘An absurd little bird is popping up to say cuckoo…cuckoo…’


Lismore-based photographer Alex Clarke was vsiting a friend on a property near Lismore recently when this Black-Faced Cuckoo Shrike fledgling raised his head.   “The northern rivers is blessed with an incredible diversity of plentiful bird life – even in urbanised areas,” he says.  “I was at my friend’s to catch a view of a wedge-tailed eagle’s nest – complete with fluffy white chick – when this bold little chap hopped up to me and did his best to scare me off, and so, of course, I had to take a photo!”

Alex snapped the cuckoo fledgling with a Sony A7RII and Voigtländer 180mm f/4 APO at f/4 and 1/60 second exposure.



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