Love is in the air, everywhere we look around


What more beautiful place to get married than the beaches or hinterland of the Northern Rivers?  Verandah Magazine’s photographer Vanessa (The Lioness) Moore, showcases three of her recent personal favourites.  From a wedding on the beach to a Hills Hoist hitch – there’s nothing like a like a little romance on Valentine’s Day.

Says Ness: “I’ve been photographing Weddings and portraits for the past couple of years in Byron.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to work as a photographer. Especially as a wedding photographer because there’s so much love and beauty in the area.”

Moore is launching a wedding photography business in combination with local videographer, Terry Brown from Byron Video, creating individual packages for their clients.  She’s also a talented family portrait photographer, and delights in taking the candid, natural shots that are her hallmark. “I’ve got four children of my own,” she says, “and so I realise the importance of capturing those special times.  For me my photography is about striving for a natural, truthful beauty within my images and that is exactly what wedding photography and family portraits give me the chance to do.”

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