Lively Libra New Moon

A mixed message new moon coming up with Venus in Libra, but Uranus potentially playing havoc, writes Kim Falconer from her 11th House Blog

NEW MOON OCT 12/13th
@19 LIBRA 20

LA – Monday – 5:06 pm
NY – Monday – – 8:06 pm
LON– Tuesday – 1:06 am
SYD– Tuesday – 11:06 am

The Libra New Moon is ruled by planet VENUS, goddess of love, art and socially significant unions. Where you have Libra in your chart is where you want to develop aesthetics, harmony, refinement, relationship, affection, attraction, cooperation and live out those authentic core values. Sound elegant and gracious?

It is, except for the Uranus – tip the apple cart – opposition. There is a willful, rebellious, audacious component to this lunar event. It might express in some uncharacteristic ways such as acting out repressed feelings at the most inopportune times. It’s a moon that wants to share. You, and others, might be wildly surprised by what’s on your mind.

The hitch her is that Libra wants to please the company but while she’s saying yes and and obliging, Uranus in opposition is plotting a take over – French revolution style.

Expect relationship longings to awaken, along with your most creative Muse, and a singularly, delightfully demonic trickster. Fun combination!

Check the scopes for sign by sign hints.

Aries ARIES: You will know the shape of your relationships by the health of your body this new moon. It’s pretty simple. Healthy and strong = relationships are solid. Chronic or sudden dis-ease = check your relationships, honestly. What you repress goes straight to the chakras. Purge.

Taurus TAURUS: Bulls need to take their minds off the health and well being plan and put heart and soul into a creative project or desire. The goal is to forget all about your goals and find what feels good. Dreams, etheric as they are, can be excellent guides right now. Journal.

GeminiGEMINI: With ruling Mercury direct and on the North Lunar Node, the path opens onto a crossroads. All you need to do is tune in to your higher guidance and say YES to the direction that excites you the most. It’s not advance calculus. Just point your nose toward whatever makes your heart beat the fastest.

CancerCANCER: Home, family and hearth are in flux right now. You might be moving house (the 2nd most stressful thing you can possibly do) or maybe wishing someone else would. Any cantankerous edge is your ally thought. Take it as a signal for what wants changing. Focus, then act. !

LeoLEO: Your New Moon is in the house of communications where you will find yourself more honest, clear and possibly abrasive than you’ve been in a long time. What starts out as a compliment or genuine praise twists mid-air to critically land on the unsuspecting. Better out than in.

VirgoVIRGO: This is your power year with Jupiter in Virgo, currently flanked by Mars and Venus. It’s a sexy, charming and very clever vibe, on that’s going to see offers come floating over your desk. I won’t even mention Tinder. Basically, you’ve got the power. Consider developing a latent talent or resource.

LibraLIBRA: A once a year personal New Moon and there is much to celebrate (especially if your birthday falls within 5 days of this NM). The feeling is freedom AND connection, love AND autonomy, fun AND focus. You’ll want to give a does of energy to both sides of the fence. Piece of cake.

Scorpio SCORPIO: This time of year brings your ‘shadow’ New Moon. You’ll want to have some quality alone time, tuning into the inner currents of life. If you have a sudden physical complaint, consider (as well as appropriate health care) the emotions attached. Now, *exercise* the demon. (stet).

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: With Saturn newly into your sign and this moon in the house of goals for the future, you take a serious look at what you’re creating. Instead of thinking forward a year or so, take a bigger leap. What would you like your life to be in five years. Plan for that.

Capricorn CAPRICORN: Career concerns are in your face with this new moon. They appear sweet and helpful, but you suspect the iron fist inside the velvet glove. Torn between compliance and revolt, think first which part of yourself YOU want to win. Is there a way to have both?

Aquarius AQUARIUS: Expect invitations to travel, speak, teach, lead, play, compete. It’s a fun old time with the new moon in the 9th house of exploration and adventure. Just know that you carry with you that Uranian edge. Feel free to be radical, shocking even. This is no time for norm.

piscesPISCES: Your emotions are lit up like a Roman candle, hot, creative, dramatic. It’s great if you are being true to yourself, being who you are authentically. But, if you play down your needs so to appease others or keep up appearances, expect change of the volcanic kind.

Happy New Moon, everyone! xxxKim

Kim Falconer is an author writing urban fantasy, YA fantasy and epic science fantasy novels.

You can find out more about Kim at the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter.

She also posts at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and runs Save the Day, a tips and tutorials writerly community.



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