Lisa Black’s celebration of the divine feminine


‘Apsara’ – the female deity of the water and clouds in Hindu and Buddhist anthology, is the inspiration behind Lisa Black’s latest jewellery collection. Lisa welcomes visitors to her Byron studio and her work is shown in galleries around the world.

“I’ve travelled extensively this year, which has been great but the most inspirational country was Cambodia,” Lisa says.  “I really loved the myriad carvings and art on the temple walls in Angkor Wat. When I got home I thought for a long time about what I’d seen, and this latest collection of cube or natural diamonds,  is a celebration of the divine feminine that much of the art I saw depicted. I love the fact that the Apsara is both sensual and ethereal. She’s the muse that inhabits the skies but Apsara is also the name of a classic Khmer dance, and to me each piece in this new collection speaks of the angelic in its soft muted colours and sugar candy coating.”

The collection reflects Lisa’s lifelong passion for working with and supporting women’s purposeful action, which she has embodied in a new project, Women Who Wear Black. Begun as a tribute to the myriad of amazing women who have influenced and inspired her creations and our world, this project has been conceived to bring together impassioned women from all walks of life to support other women and children in communities across the world. Lisa Black Jewellery pledges 15% of the proceeds from the Women Who Wear Black soiree sales toward a cause selected by the host. “In the past we’ve supported the Hunger Project and the Anganwadi Project,” she says, “and we invite our peers to reach out to us with ideas and expressions of interest in this work. We are also currently working with a fabulous art director who’s just moved back to the area from New York on our new Look Book, so I’m really looking forward to 2017.”


Lisa Black invites visitors to
visit them in our studio by private appointment. Lisa Black has selected pieces at Artpiece Gallery in Mullumbimby, Elements Resort in Byron Bay,the Bangalow Pharmacy in Bangalow, at Becker Minty in Sydney, and at Nili Lotan and Stephen Kahan in New York.

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