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Trust your intuition: Image Leah Piken Kolidas
Trust your intuition: Image Leah Piken Kolidas


In the first of her new columns, psychic Liz Winter, who is based near Mullumbimby, says that intuition can be as simple as remembering to pack an umbrella – and practice makes perfect.

As I threw open the curtains I was greeted by the sun spraying golden beams of light into my bedroom. Excited about my upcoming Byron Bay lighthouse walk, I began preparing.

Somewhere in my busy mind, just below the surface I could hear a thought that seemed to be stuck on repeat. ‘Pack the umbrella, Pack the umbrella.’ I immediately started arguing: ‘It’s not logical, it’s a beautiful day, the weather forecast says clear skies.’ So I carried on and made my way to the lighthouse. Half way through the walk, you guessed it – out of nowhere came black clouds and a heavy downpour of rain. Sitting on a rock with a soggy sandwich, all I could think about was; ‘Why didn’t I just trust that thought?’

This is what I call an intuitive experience. We all have them; it’s just that we often aren’t aware exactly what it is. It’s the feeling in the stomach, the thought coming in out of nowhere when we are doing a mundane task, like washing the dishes or driving the car. The ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right’ experience or thinking of someone and then they ring or you run into them down the street.

One example is a story I once heard about a woman who had a strong feeling to put scissors in her car. A week later she was in a car accident, the seat belt was stuck and the scissors saved her life.

We were all born with an innate radar system that can help navigate us through life – from everything to simple choices like what we should eat for dinner to more complex situations like whether we should leave a job or begin (or end) a relationship.


How does one become more in tune with one’s instincts and hunches? It can be as simple as becoming more aware and giving acknowledgement when these experiences happen. Love and honour your intuition, treat it with respect and don’t be too quick to write off these magic moments as always having a logical explanation. Over time you will recognise these unique feelings and thoughts and the more you put faith in your own ability, your intuition will expand and feel more natural to you.

Just as our bodies need nourishment and our hearts need love, our intuition needs some nurturing also.

It’s not necessary to be a yogi and meditate for hours – although it can be like water to a flower to know how to quieten your mind regularly. A few minutes of focusing on your breath, staring at an ocean, a tree, a view or perhaps closing your eyes and listening to music can be all you need to allow your intuition to blossom and grow.

So next time that repeating thought behind the chatter of your mind tells you to wear flat shoes, ring that friend, fill the car up with petrol or pack that umbrella trust yourself and listen!

Liz Winter has been a medium and spiritual development teacher for over 25 years.  Liz is a Medium, Reiki Master/Healer, Angel Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Dream Coach and Qualified Counsellor.  To contact Liz go to her website:



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