Shhhhh, it’s a susurration of sparrows…


Latin.  Greek. Lithuanian, German, Old Church Slavonic, Sanskrit – susurration’s been with us since the early 1400’s – originally from the Latin susurrationem, and meaning as our friends at AUM PR tell us here at Verandah Magazine, a whisper or a murmer.  Shhhhh I can’t hear the susurration of the trees…
‘His own name, pronounced in the utmost compression of susurration, they say, he catches at a quarter furlong interval.’ – Charles Lamb
‘If he had read his Biffin he would have known that the correct terms are a ” susurration of sparrows” and a “pop of weasels.”‘ Punch – or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, December 9, 1914



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