Lisa Black’s top ten favourites for the festive season

Mariposa Collection: Moonstones
Mariposa Collection: Moonstones
Lisa Black Jewellery is celebrating the Festive Season with their Top 10 picks for 2016.  Ancient Turquoise necklaces, statement cow horn bracelets, moonstones, sapphires and pearls all feature in their top 10.  If you are looking for something special to help you or a loved one celebrate in style, contact the shop lisablackjewellery for a private showing or detailed images.
Each piece of Lisa Black Jewellery is bespoke, created with the finest gems and Australian 22k gold by a master craftsman in our Byron Bay studio in Australia.  Many items include rare components, ancient and tribal pieces from around the globe. Lisa Black Jewellery combines the magical and the sublime, each piece tells a story and is brought to life by the wearer. Look out for ancient lapis, natural diamonds and spectacular amber pieces.



 Dreamcatcher Bangles, ancient Turquoise necklace, Papua New Guinea Tete Seed Earring with fine pearl cluster, Sapphire Malabar Earring, Chalcedony Druse Cocktail Ring, Prehnite and Rose Quartz Mariposa Drop,
Pink Diamond Vermeer Drop
, Ancient Chinese Glass Babylon Drop, Papua New Guinea Spirit Neckpiece.

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