Impressions – Little Wategos Beach


Lismore-based photographer Andrew Sooby took this wonderful shot from the eastern point of the Byron Bay Lighthouse precinct, looking down to Little Wategos Beach. “I love shooting directly into strong light,” he says, “and before I took it I saw the shot in my mind’s eye as a black and white, heavy contrast ‘shape/pattern’ photo. However, when I played with the sliders in Lightroom the colour version seemed to work better. I’m careful to label a manipulated shot like this “impression” because obviously the original scene didn’t look like this. The manipulation has also emphasised the strange illusion that the sea is the sky, at first glance. The photo is also an example of how a tiny detail – here, the two people walking – completes the whole.”
Tech details: Nikon D500; 70-200mm f2.8 lens. Shot focal length: 225mm (effective). ISO 100; Aperture f5; Shutter 1/2000th.



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