Global Entrepreneurship Mixes With Local Creativity


Dr Dan Swan, founder of Byron Bay’s startup innovation and coworking hub, StartInno, is bringing a new initiative to the Northern Rivers – Startup Weekend Byron Bay…

There comes a time in every budding entrepreneur’s life when they need to expose that deep dark ‘brilliant’ idea to the light and glare of the public. And one of the best means for doing that in an age of global sharing and collaboration is through events developed specifically for the task – Startup Weekends.

Startup Weekends bring together ideas and people who can act on ideas in a way that quickly tests and validates your dream within 54 hours. They do it at far less cost, time and personal angst than anyone can do alone. In a room of hipsters, hackers and hustlers you will articulate, refine, test and validate your idea in super-quick time.

And you can win prizes and enormous glory while you do it.

Startup Weekend Byron Bay kicks off on Friday November 20th and finishes on Sunday 22nd. It is cohosted by SAE Creative Media Institute Byron Bay and StartInno in the Ewingsdale Road Campus and Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Estate respectively.

The weekend is part of Global Startup Battle 2015 which means local creatives and entrepreneurs will be joining of thousands of others from across the globe for one of the most innovative weekends of the year. Byron Bay will be one of the 250 cities competing to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week.

It;s not all about tech either. Technology is often a driver and enabler of change but good ideas must also satisfy business needs and provide a purpose that compels a customer to take up the product or service. Hence rounding out your idea in a broad forum is critical to developing its validity. Startup Weekends around the world have brought together designers, creatives or anyone with business ideas together with tech to produce amazing things! Dr Dan Swan, lead organiser of Startup Weekend Byron Bay and Founder of Byron Bay’s startup innovation and coworking hub, StartInno, says: “Take artists and designers, they do what they do because it comes naturally, commerce however is another challenge. The same can be said for Tech. The growth in startups mean that commerce is no longer the domain of spreadsheets and beancounters, it’s a creative process in itself. Startup Weekends help people who previously weren’t able, become startup entrepreneurs instead of leaving vital decisions to others.”

So whether you have new ideas or just want to see and hear the latest in innovation go to Startup Weekend Byron Bay and grab a ticket for what is shaping up to be a great weekend




For more information or to contact the organisers:
[email protected] @startupbyron #startupbyron



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