Raw fish, and hold the chips…


Ballina photographer John Wickens caught this osprey – the Pandion haliaetus, fish eagle or river hawk – eating his lunch at Angels Beach in Ballina yesterday.  “It was the most beautiful weather, and we drove down to Angels Beach at lunchtime for a walk,”  Wickens told Verandah Magazine.  “We were in the car when we spotted him, so we stayed in the car so as not to scare him, and I took the photo from the car. Mind, you I don’t think anything was going to move him away from his fish – there were about six seagulls hassling him but he was single-minded in his determination to finish his fish!”

John Wickens used a Nikon D7200 camera with a Nikkor 18-300mm lens.  His photos are available for viewing on his facebook page, and he can be contactated by email on [email protected]



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