A frog he would a wooing go…


Who’d be a wild-life snapper, says Andrew Sooby: “The green tree frogs were partying big-time  in the Lismore rain. I took around 60 shots, all of this frog. This is the only useable one. (I blame the gear. And the frog, which refused to puff out when I asked it to….). Three of us trying to talk round a coffee table outside had to lean forward and talk very loudly to get above the racket this single creature was making on a rock just next to us. You can imagine the din when they’re inside the drainpipes.”

Andrew Sooby used a Fuji XE2 with a 90mm lens at 1/80, f2.4 Flash. ISO 6400

You can contact him on: luminousmudbrick.net



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